Updating website seo score

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But if you treat that client poorly, not only will they stop paying you, but you’ll notice that the number of referrals you get on a regular basis will slowly start going down.

For this reason,you have to have a clean reputation and be known for taking care of your clients even when you don’t think it makes sense to.

After tens of thousands of dollars down the drain, I had no more money and no choice but to learn how to optimize Advice Monkey for search engines… From reading sites like Search Engine Watch and SEObook, I started getting the hang of SEO.

Some of the questions you can ask are: In addition to surveying your clients, make sure you also provide them with a monthly report and weekly calls.

Eventually, I started to rank really well for job-related terms on Google, but the business failed because of these reasons.

When my first venture failed, I decided I was going to quit entrepreneurship, get a college degree like everyone else, and get a job after graduation. One of the gentlemen sitting in the room during my speech was a sales rep from Elpac Electronics.

After a few months of me working with Elpac, their rankings shot up to number one on Google for terms like “power supplies”. They were so happy, they introduced me to other companies they knew.

Within months, I was pulling in around ,000 a month from SEO consulting. When someone refers to you, chances of you closing that deal are really high.

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