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Once you are trapped within the maze among the damned when do, damned if you dont, you lose.The world will end some day, likely when the sun fries the Earth in a few billion years.As a smart reader (we trust you) you'll probably know what the purpose of most of these items without us explaining them (you sleep in the sleeping bag).We plan to return to some of these topics in the future to provide more detail, so only the barest is given here.In collecting information and items for a kit, I've made extensive use of two books from Chris Mc Nab: This kit, assembled by Chris Mc Nab (SFSG, 17), won't save your life during the Apocalypse, but it does fit in your pocket.Having this every time you head into the wilderness, or leave your base camp, is a great idea.This is an end of the world survival kit – meant to help you survive, even thrive, in all kinds of adverse conditions.While it's impossible to plan for every eventuality, or please every survivalist (I will no doubt fail to mention someone's personal most essential object), but with the things in this kit, you'll be far better off should disaster strike than if you have nothing, or if you buy some travel safety kit from an outdoors outfitter.

Like those on been said, The sole method to win at a childs game isnt to be.

Every country has faced a variety of disasters that have tried their citizenry.

A massive earthquake almost erased San Francisco from the map.

Odds are you, like many others (and my old self included), heard this, nodded your head, and then promptly went back to playing video games on your PS3.

Perhaps if you lived in a disaster prone area, be it Tornado Alley, Hurricane areas, or Earthquake vulnerable California you took the first basic step and assembled a few things that will keep you comfortable in the event of a power outage.

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