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It doesn't mean you want them back, it's just a recent event that happened to pop up in your sleep.Source: Shutterstock Maybe you caught yourself thinking back over your relationship and walking down memory lane. I had a dream about a friend who I don't talk to anymore after looking through a bunch of old pictures of us together. Source: Shutterstock You really can't control what you dream about, unfortunately.[Another way] it interferes in a relationship is that the famous party in the couple gets so much adulation out there in the world when you're with them that the spouse or partner of the famous person can very easily start feeling less-than and feel that they have sort of disappeared into the world because their famous partner is getting all of the attention.What makes it even worse is when the famous person doesn't have a nuanced appreciation and concern for the situation, and sort of basks in that glory without caretaking their partner.What happens after a while with fame is that the famous person is so used to everyone looking at them, everybody coming to them, everyone giving to them, they forget how to turn around and give it back. The brain gets so stimulated in the reward center and the brain gets used to that and wants that.When the celebrity returns home and just has a normal loving wife or husband there, it pales in comparison. Imagine that you've just played a concert, and everyone is screaming your name, and girls or boys are lined up at the stage door.

Hollywood couples may look perfect, but the reality, of course, is that celebrities struggle through relationships just like everyone else.

spoke with psychologist and fame expert Donna Rockwell about how adoring fans (and what John Mayer recently referred to as his "ego addiction") can literally alter one's psychology and leave him or her less equipped to handle a healthy romance. We produce hormones that make us feel good when people are yelling our names and loving us from afar, even though they don't know us.

What are some problems that fame can create in a relationship? [.] I know a big rock-and-roll star, and what the wife told me was that she and her husband were going to be in therapy for their entire life because she cared so much about the marriage that she wanted to keep it healthy. How does this addiction to adulation have an impact on healthy relationships?

It takes an extraordinarily grounded person to stay emotionally intelligent within a relationship after they achieve fame.

Do you think dating a non-famous person is a sign that a celebrity might be more emotionally grounded?

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