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An elegant sanctuary nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Gran Hotel Son Net is an ancient finca dating back to the 17th century with two gourmet restaurants, a stunning pool surrounded by private cabanas, a beauty centre and a fabulous collection of contemporary art.

With an attractive pink façade, Gran Hotel Son Net sits in carefully tended gardens with a delightful patio that melds into the hillside.

Troops, officers and government officials of NATO member countries who spoke with the Wall Street Journal says that the sophistication of the hacking indicates it's being coordinated by the Russian government. soldiers in Estonia in February, just across the river from Russia and its fortress of Ivanogorod Military officials are split about the significance of the hacking though.

Western military officials say Russia has been hacking into the cellphones of NATO soldiers stationed in Eastern Europe in an attempt to steal information, track troop levels and intimidate soldiers.

In Malaysia, their long history of art, literature, and music has made it an interesting place to pursue topics related to their local culture.

At the same time, however, Malaysia has also become a strong, vibrant place for technology and business innovation, allowing young Bachelor’s and Master’s students to find their calling in a place that suits their career goals.

Lately, too, universities in Malaysia have started introducing English-taught Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes.

Students come from everywhere to join in their classes, living long-term in a place that most people only dream of.

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