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We do have a web page on cancer you might like to look at it: also have one on pregnancy too: care Wray You should be highly aware that many doctors do not know that there is a difference between synthetic progesterone sold by pharmaceutical companies under different brand names which are known to cause cancer and other problems in women while plant based (usually made from soy or yam) progesterone which is bio-identical--that plant based progesterone has the same molecular structure as the human body and does not cause the same side effects as synthesized progesterone.

Bio-identical progesterone is safe in prescribed doses.

Once the embryo has implanted a specialised part of the placenta takes over production.

The role of h CG is to prevent the corpus luteum from disintegration.

If you find the suppository too dry, adding some oil, yoghurt or butter to the outside is effective.

It's much easier to use as a pessary, inserting it into your vagina.

Please see our page on Progesterone application methods.

And the dose, how much were you told to take, as this has a bearing on it too.

I have read about the side effects and precautions and it says pregnant women should not take it. Hi Maria Suppositories are an excellent means of getting progesterone into the body.

It's essential to make progesterone the dominant hormone, so I suggest you use about 200mg/day.

h CG or human chorionic gonadotrophin is a hormone produced by the developing embryo after conception.

Hope this helps, take care Wray I've finished my medication and I'm just concerned because my stomach was really bloated and my breasts were very tender and now I'm done and I was just wondering if that was normal?

I woke up yesterday and my stomach was not as bloated and my breasts are not hurting as much. Hi Vicky The side affects you experienced were due to oestrogen dominance.

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