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- Informs the applicant that payment of service connection fees shall be done after inspection. Qinalatan Villa Homes, Buena Park, Glenwood Subd., Villa Angela, Villa Angela Relocation Site, Regent Pearl, River Walk, Helvetia Heights, Savemore, Hi Strip Bldg., Panasiatic Solutions, East Block, Lopue's East Annex (Bowling Center), Patria Village, Trinity Christian School, New Government Center (NGC), Lopue’s East Building, Gonzaga Subd., Morata’s Photography, Burgos St. Fe, SMC Village, Jesusa Heights, Sunshine Valley Subd., Villa Villeta, Villa Angeles, Rolling Hills, Hda. Gaisano, Celita Village, Negros Metal Corp., La Villa Guadalupe Phase 1&2, Cosmos Bottling, Hillside Subd., La Salle Ville, Carmen Ville, Hermelinda Homes, Kabugwason, East Homes 4 and 5, Lion Ville, Pedrosa Village, Bacolod Homes Royal, St. Mansilingan, Green Acres Subd., Villa Magdalene, April Joseph, Olympia Village, Lolita Heights, Regent Pearl-Alijis and Panaad Site, the whole municipalities of Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto. It was incorporated on February 24, 1975 in Bacolod City, in the Province of Negros Occidental. (from Circumferential Road to Lopez Jaena), Hilado St. • All electrical cords should be in good condition. • Unplug toaster ovens, coffee makers and other small appliances after using them.

Payment for such fees shall be based on the size of service entrance wire specified in the electrical permit and actual installation. (from Circumferential Road to Lopez Jaena), Rio Compound. Pedring, Villa Soledad, BACIWA Soledad Station, Abada Escay, Prk. CENECO initially serviced Silay City; on May 16, 1976, it took over the electric system of the Municipality of Murcia. – Narra Avenue), La Salle Subd., Narra Avenue (from 6th St. (Burgos-Malaspina) AGF5 Gonzaga (Substation – Lopez-Jaena St.), Lopez-Jaena St. • Keep appliances dry and away from water at all times. • Call a licensed electrical practitioner for all electrical problems. Check regularly your electrical installations, and have all frayed wiring, damaged socket, switches, and other defective electrical fixtures changed or repaired promptly. Palitan kaagad ang mga putol at sirang kawad ng kuryente, mga sirang saksakan o “switches” at iba pang mga gamit pangkuryente). All electrical installations, repairs and changes should be undertaken by competent individuals.

• CENECO Service Installatiion Inspector conducts field inspection on the service entrance installation. Napilas 2, Sitio Hiyang2x, Tayap Proper, Patag, Hda. Capitol Hills, Greensville I, II, III, Capitol Heights, PHHC, Villa San Agustin, Akina East, Royal Meadows, Sto. Montelibano, Colegio de San Agustin (CSA), Patricia Homes, PNP Head Quarters, Hi Residences Condominiums, Purok Banaue, Maranatha Circumferential Road, Jack ‘n’ Jill School, Bob’s Place – portion of C. On June 1978, with the help of the national government, CENECO purchased and took over the A. Diaz Electric service (ASDES) which served Bacolod City and Talisay. before Negros Navigation Bldg.), Circle Inn, Malaspina St. to Hervias Subd.), Yakal, portion of 6th St., Malaspina St. Only licensed electricians should be allowed to undertake such work. Cords of portable appliances should be as short as possible.

An inspection advice shall be given to the applicant/representative as to the result of inspection. The following year, on June 1979, CENECO took over the Bago Electric System and Ma-ao Electric System in Bago City. (Lopez-Jaena – Mabini St.), Capitol Shopping , Portion of 6th St., Narra St. (Pagkakabit at pagpapalit ng mga piyesa sa kuryente ay ipagawa lamang sa lisensyadong “electrician”). (Huwag padaanin sa ilalim ng “carpet” ang kawad ng kuryente.

- MCS Coordinator checks the location sketch specified in the electrical permit/plan. Monica, Burgos Extension BF3 From Camingawan Substation to Alangilan including Hda. 12 Kabutongan BF4 East Homes I, II, and III Subdivisions, Cityville Subdivision, Celine Homes Subdivision, Fortune Town Subdivision, Purok Pag-asa Relocation Site, Villa Alexandra, Meadows of Camelot Subdivision, Purok Villamar HF1 Portion of Brgy Lag-asan, Brgy. The best way to be safe from fire is to stop it from happening. When people learn what causes fire and how to prevent them, they can make their home much safer.

• CENECO Service Installation Inspector shall conduct field inspection on the aforementioned site to establish proof of ownership. informs its consumers connected to Murcia Feeder 2 (Mu F2) that, maintenance activities will be conducted on January 6, Saturday. The General Assembly increased the number of Districts from five (5) to nine (9) Districts in 1987 and the first District Elections to fill up the new set-up were held the following year.

• If approved after inspection, the new owner shall be required: - Submit a photocopy of any of the following: (1) Lot Title (TCT), (2) Deed of Absolute Sale, (3) Deed of Donation, (4) Deed of Assumption and/or (5) Certification if the property is acquired from the Bank/PAG-IBIG/GSIS/SSS. – latest 1 x 1 picture - Submit a photocopy of valid ID (ex. Langis, San Mateo Village, NN Wharf up to Sitio Sibucao Lopue’s Mandalagan, Bangga Subay, Portion of Sta. This is to ensure stability of distribution lines to avoid further serious damages that will result to major interruptions. CENECO suffered a major loss in its operations with the coming of Typhoon Ruping in November, 1991.

- Issue laminated membership ID - Sign the CENECO electric service contract. Any of the following documents as proof of ownership: (a) Lot Title (TCT), (b) Deed of Absolute Sale, (c) Deed of Donation, (d) Deed Assumption, (e) Deed of Heirship, (f) Certification if the property is acquired from the Bank/Pag-ibig/GSIS/SSS d. CENECO suffered a major loss in its operations with the coming of Typhoon Ruping in November 1991. On May 16, 1976, it took over the electric System of the Municipality of Murcia. (Ipasiyasat at ipaayos sa mga bihasang “electrician” ang mga sirang plantsa, bentilador, at iba pang kagamitang de-kuryente). Do not allow your electrical irons to over heat, nor leave them with the current on. (Panatilihing tuyo ang mga “appliances” at huwag basain ng tubig). Use convenience outlets in the wall, not lamp sockets, for connecting electrical appliances.

 Submit the following required documents for service application if approved after inspection and ready for payment. If the applicant resides in a private lot/property, submit Certification from the lot owner to allow the applicant to have an electric service connection. Informal settler shall secure Certification as proof of Right to Occupy from government-owned properties (a) Brgy. Almost half of CENECO's electric poles had to be replaced or repaired due to damage. In June 1978, with the help of the national government, CENECO purchased and took over the A. Diaz Electric service (ASDES) which served Bacolod City and Talisay. (Iwasang mag “overheat” ang inyong plantsa at huwag itong iwanan na nakasaksak). Never touch an electrical appliance while you are in bath, or standing on a grounded metal or object that is a conductor of electricity. (Ang mga “appliances” ay isaksak lang sa mga saksakan na nakakabit sa dingding at hindi doon sa saksakan ng bombilya o ilaw). Don’t stand in the puddle or on a deep floor when connecting electrical laundry appliances.

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