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I'll continue to enhance it with further updates, adding more dynamic contents.

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These lists can thus be updated very regularly and easily; don't hesitate to suggest me some new videos so I can add them to the lists!

You should also remember that many French-speaking TV channels will soon broadcast several movies and talkshows related to Louis de Funès to celebrate the event.

Comic relief is provided by commissioner Juve's awkward attempts to capture the elusive arch-criminal.As a result, you can now enjoy a brand new color scheme and theme, focusing on flat and colored shapes, to enhance overall text readability and visual comfort.Built with newer browser technologies, this new theme will allow me to optimize the website for several, modern devices like smartphones and tablets.Fufu World is thirteen years old today, and to celebrate its birthday, you can now discover La Zizanie by Claude Zidi, thanks to ten sound samples grabbed from the film, in the Sounds, which completes the 600 HD photos from the same film.While you're visiting, take the time to discover some other photos, sounds and videos of Louis de Funès' films, such as Oscar or Hibernatus, both directed by Edouard Molinaro, who passed away on December 7th, 2013.

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