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The average cost of marriage in Jordan is ,000, while the average salary for a Jordanian hovers around 0 per month.These days, Jordanian women are marrying around the age of 24, and men around the age of 29.And while the cost of a wedding is exceedingly high, matrimony has never been more necessary."The percent of wages from expenditure in the Arab world, especially Jordan, is increasing – meaning you can’t afford to live from one wage alone," Kawar told Al Jazeera.

In fact, religion does take on a significant role in the way of life in Jordan.The International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently published its Global Employment Trends 2014, which stated that the economic growth rate in the Arab world fell to 2.2 per cent in 2013, well below the global average."People don’t work," said Mary Kawar, regional specialist with the ILO, explaining that this inevitably has a negative effect on major life decisions, including marriage.This is one of the highest ages in the world for men to be getting married for the first time.From the dowry and the wedding ceremony to the cost of a first home, the financial obligation of marriage traditionally falls on the man in Jordan.

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