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**Update 4-27-15: They have recently added a mechanical licensing service so you can obtain a license from Loudr and distribute with other services. Whether you’re releasing a single or 10 simultaneous albums, it’s free.* Obtains mechanical licenses for your cover songs * Revenue splitting.There is no “winner” necessarily because each company has unique features that may be super important to some artists and not at all to others. If you have any questions or have used any of these companies please let me know in the comments below!(in alphabetical order) I spoke with Kevin Bruener, Director of Marketing and a musician himself.They are the only distribution company that has this process automated (Loudr does this, but you have to contact support) * They clear cover songs with a check box (and get you the proper mechanical license) * Email every step of the way.Every step that you complete you will receive an email – including when it’s live on the store (only company that does this).**Update 10/8/14 Ditto threatened to sue me for asking a question. I’ve heard reports from readers that they cannot get their albums removed from stores and aren’t getting paid. This is the 2nd newest service (by 16 days) and launched October 1st, 2013.

Loudr goes directly to the publishers and gets licenses directly for their artists (instead of the artist having to hunt these down).

They have over 330,000 artists signed up to their service.

* Because they have been along for so long, they are proven and aren’t going out of business anytime soon (your releases (and reports) are safe).

He has been at the company for 8 years and worked alongside founder (and music biz icon) Derek Sivers for many years.

This is one of the biggest (and the first) independent digital distributors in the world.

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