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Three of the victims have been named as: Canadian-based security guard Kirk Wilson, Rafael Antonio Peñalosa Vega, 28, of Mexico and Daniel Pessina from Italy, according to reports from the Semanario Playa News.

A lot of people got hurt in the attempt top club over, because people were panicking and trying to get away.

The other victim, who was also working on security alongside Wilson, is described as being between 30 and 35, from Colombia.

At least five people - including two Canadians, an Italian, a Mexican and a Colombian - are dead after a shooting in a Mexican nightclub on the final night of the BPM music festival (aramedics attend an injured woman at the Blue Parrot nightclub)Pech said 15 people were injured, one seriously.

Local news reports suggest that the incident is connected to ongoing drug cartel wars in the area, and the gunman is believed to still be at large.

Three BPM security guards were killed during the attack, festival officials revealed.

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