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@ Resistance : But don't you think that the "real culprit" is this wildcard system ?That this wildcard system has precisely been chosen to permit the choice of a player who wouldn't be otherwise the most logical choice ?The players will compete in the "Kühlhaus Berlin" next March 10th to 28th.According to Agon Limited, tickets are now available.The very idea of the wildcard is to permit FIDE to choose a player without any objective justification." Exactly. Better to know before than after." This is, of course, a tricky question, but I tend to agree with this point of view. The main problem is the wildcard slot's existence. However, even though I share your strong disagreement with the wildcard slot's existence, I expect the wildcard choice to be more-or-less plausible.

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The contents: Video 1, 2, 3: how to survive versus whites most aggressive approach: 6. h3 and last but not least Video 5: how to play vs the more classical set ups 6. g3 "In fact, in my opinion, BY NATURE, this wildcard system is arbitrary. If FIDE's idea had been to create a system selecting the "best" eighth participant, for the Candidates, specific rules for it would have been implemented. The participants to the Grand Prix deserved to know in advance that they had no chance to be chosen as a wild card and that the Grand Prix was their last possibility to qualify.

The top two qualifiers from the FIDE Grand Prix series will be known on November 26th.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Alexander Grischuk, Teymour Radjabov, and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave have chances.

I am pleased that FIDE and World Chess had selected Kramnik.

For over 20 years he is in the top three world’s strongest chess players, and for seven years he’s been the World Champion.

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