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Eligible applicants’ for the Personal Care Program are able to self-direct their own care via the consumer-directed personal care state plan option called the Independent Choices program.Often called consumer direction, eligible applicants are able to hire, train, manage, and even fire, the personal caregiver of their choosing.

However, if a customer fails to keep the terms of a delayed payment agreement, tampers with or damages utility equipment, or obtains service through unauthorized or fraudulent means, a utility is not required to give notice before suspending service.

Persons who reside in assisted living (residential care facilities (RCFs), but not nursing homes) can receive personal care paid for by Medicaid if the RCF is enrolled as a personal care provider with the state Medicaid program.

The Division of Medical Services (DMS) administers the Personal Care program, together with the rest of the state’s Medicaid network.

FAQ | General Information | Your Utility Bills | Participation in Public Hearings | The Rate Case Process | Suspension of Service | Filing a Complaint | Do Not Call | Digital Television Transition | Forms | Newsletters A Publication of the Arkansas Public Service Commission The Arkansas Public Service Commission has taken a number of steps to ensure that customers have adequate notice of and protection from suspension of their utility service.

The following information outlines the notice requirements and the protections available to you as a customer of a regulated public utility.

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